Biblical perspectives and considerations regarding the major issues of the world around us.

culture war

Guarding Your Heart in the Culture War

As believers we have a responsibility to pursue truth – not politics. Unfortunately, we have been taught to neutralize that responsibility by equating different political issues, parties and candidates with the truth. (We say and honestly believe on a personal level that we don’t do this, but most of us do.) There are consequences to this compromise. It is all too easy for us to observe such consequences upon society at large but we should also be aware and vigilant regarding those consequences upon our own individual souls. This post consists of some personal considerations and standards in the aftermath of the latest battle of America’s culture war.

Pandemic Devotional #3 – Meditate On This

This series of pandemic devotionals are designed to be daily (we hope) podcasts we will run over the course of this COVID-19 pandemic. Each episode will publish at the beginning of the day. Each...
seasons of the journey

Seasons of the Journey – Podcast Devotional

When we journey through life in God we recognize the reality of seasons. In today's podcast devotionals JB Shreve is joined by Justin Petron and Jose Tenas, two friends at different seasons of their...

Pandemic Devotional #8 – In The Light

JB and Casie Shreve discuss the idea of living in the light even in the midst of a pandemic that fills the earth with darkness. No one could see anyone else or move about for...
righteous nation

A Righteous Nation

In today's podcast devotional JB Shreve looks at the idea of a "righteous nation." He examines what scripture says about a nation that is walking in line to God's will for comparison to many...
testing a kingdom worldview

Part 4 – Testing a Kingdom Worldview

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZEW_sFu06k]

Don’t Look Back – Podcast Devotional

JB and Casie Shreve continue to look at the idea of "journeying" and "pilgrimage." Today they look at the importance of a correct future focus and the dangers with being tied to closely to...
Race-Based worldview

Race-Based Worldview

This podcast episode is a supplement to our ongoing video series that examines Kingdom Worldviews. In part 2 we looked at Babylonian worldviews. A Babylonian worldview is any worldview derived from the self or...
christian perspective on immigration

Finding a Christian Perspective in the Immigration Debates

A Christian perspective on immigration and other political issues is key for believers to separate themselves from the anxiety and deception that defines our day and age.
christians in divided america

The Bait

As Americans, and perhaps the world, we seem to have crossed over a threshold this weekend. Many believers looked to the inauguration of Donald Trump as the end of a terrible era of liberalism...