Biblical perspectives and considerations regarding the major issues of the world around us.

Pandemic Devotional #14 – Trapped on the Ark

JB Shreve is joined by Ben Lagrone on this morning's pandemic devotional. They go through the daily update on the pandemic news front and Ben leads the devotional on what it must have been...

Pandemic Devotional #13 – Stillness

JB Shreve is joined by LynnDee Summers in this morning's pandemic devotional to discuss the idea of stillness in the midst of the storm. And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand...

the End of History Devotional – Love Your Neighbor

JB Shreve is joined by Malachi Nichols for this morning's devotional. Malachi considers the simple changes and steps we can take to operate from a correct heart posture of love for our neighbors in...
christian celebrity

Episode 210: Celebrity Christians

Justin Bieber. Kanye West. Chris Pratt. Our culture has its fair share of celebrity Christians today. This is not a new phenomenon. From Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan, Christianity has frequently merged with celebrity...

Who Is In Charge?

We live in a time when we can no longer believe what we see, hear, or know to be factual. What was once right is now wrong. What was once wrong is now right. There is no clear definition of truth. The loss of truth and absolute standards of right and wrong is resulting is catastrophic cultural conditions.

Who Told You That You Were Naked?

In this week’s podcast episode I looked at the rise and dominance of the “love of self” in Western society in the course of the last hundred years. I traced the history of this dominating spirit of our age. Today I look at the question "who told you that you were naked" from Genesis 3 and solve the world's problems with a true and Biblical self-image perspective.

Pandemic Devotional – Joy in the Journey

JB Shreve is joined by LynnDee Summers on this morning's pandemic devotional to discuss how gratitude leads to joy. The deliberate decision to express thankfulness to God can transform our internal status during the...
code word discernment

Code Words & Discernment – Podcast Devotional

In a prior podcast devotional, I noted that a key hallmark in an age of rising darkness is deception. In today's podcast devotional we look at the language of code words and how this...

Pandemic Devotional #12 – A Different Way to Live

JB Shreve is joined by Jonathan Webster for this morning's pandemic devotional. The two discuss the need and gift of the Holy Spirit to guide us through the crisis. Not only so, but we also glory...
back to the garden

Back to the Garden

We are taught to understand the protests and rising unrest throughout the country through a political or cultural framework. The reality is far more fundamental to what it means to be human. Each of...