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will trump be impeached

Ep. 174 – The Impeachment of President Trump Is Coming, ...

This podcast episode looks to the future and explains that the impeachment of President Donald Trump is not only inevitable but it's not even the biggest shift we can expect.
water crisis in india

Water Crisis in India – The Global Water Crisis

We are heading toward a major disaster in the story of the global water crisis in India – and it all could have been avoided.
December 17, 2020, Daily Update

Yemen – Most Threatened in 2021

This is your December 17, 2020, Daily Update PODCAST. The big things happening today you need to pay attention to. Follow the daily updates here.  The...
who is my neighbor

Who Is My Neighbor – Christian Perspective in the Face of...

Who is my neighbor? How should Christians respond to the growing violence against religions, both our own and others'.
henry clay

Henry Clay – The Great Compromiser

Thirty years before Abraham Lincoln was elected President, a Congressman named Henry Clay was doing everything he could to address the American states' growing...
history religious right podcast christian nation christian america moral majority culture war religious right ends

Ep. 142 – History of the Religious Right Part 5: The...

The 1980s saw great prominence for the rise of the religious right. The beliefs and politics of this group transitioned from a subculture to the mainstream and set the stage for the Culture Wars of the 1990s.
erasing history

Erasing History

The establishment of the permitted narrative is the telling of history itself and it tells a lot about our own modern society. The efforts to hide parts of our history are not simply to protect us but to tell a new story and define a new future. It is a strategy that has been used before and it has always led to disastrous results.
divided america

The Fractured States of America

This is our America. This is why we are growing more stressed out and frustrated every day. It is why we are avoiding each other more and isolating to our corners of the fractured pieces of American identity and ideology. It is why the echo chambers of political perspective are gaining ground and influence but independent thought and the peacemakers are losing ground.
religious persecution

Religious Persecution in 2019 and the Double Standard

A new movie portraying Christ released on Netflix recently. In the satirical comedy The First Temptation of Christ, Jesus is portrayed returning from his...
libertarian christian

Ep 236: The Libertarian Christian

One of the byproducts of Donald Trump's victory in 2016 was a large migration of many former Republicans, including Christian Republicans, to the ranks...