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islamic extremism

Ep. 119 – Killers in the Name of God Part...

By the 1980s nationalism and political philosophies had failed the former Islamic world of the Middle East. Into this vacuum stepped Islamic extremist ideologies...
lovers of self me me me generation

Ep. 194 – Lovers of Self – Show Notes

In 2 Timothy 3:2 there is a warning of terrible times in the future when (among other things) people will be lovers of themselves. This podcast episode looks at this reality of our current day and age. At no point in the history of the world can an entire generation even come close to competing with our own for the unfortunate title of being a people totally in love with themselves. I look at the history and the dysfunction of this horrible reality and these terrible times.

Ep. 001 – the End of History Podcast – Inaugural Episode

This inaugural episode of the End of History podcast is a context setter. I more or less layout the concept for what is (as...
iran child soldiers

Iran’s Child Soldiers

Children were used to clear mine fields or in the "human wave" strategy of attack where hordes of bodies were more or less just thrown at superior Iraqi artillery in an effort to overcome them. 
Pete Buttigieg Quarrel with God

Quarrelling with the Creator

This is an issue of sight into what is right and what is wrong. Recognizing deception and properly responding to deception is essential for faith-based people in this generation. When we hear a speech such as that presented by Mr. Buttigieg this week we need to recognize what it really is and also what the truth is.
ages of history

The Ages of History

The history of international politics and warfare can be divided into four primary eras. Each distinct era represents changing ways in which power and...
whose side is god on

Whose Side is God On?

The recent spate of political leaders' claim that God is on their side gives us pause to consider how do we really know whose side God is on.
history religious right podcast christian nation christian america moral majority culture war religious right ends

Ep. 143 – History of the Religious Right Part 6: End...

This final episode in our podcast series on the religious right explores how the religious right ends in America. We go from the heights of power to 2016.
what is happening in libya

Critical Issues & Trends – Africa – What Is Happening in...

This backgrounder is meant to give you an understanding of what is happening in Libya today.
secret societies illuminati

Ep. 171 – History of Terrorism Part 5: Secret Societies

From the Illuminati to 9/11 conspiracy theories, secret societies and the paranoia they inspire are key pieces to the history of terrorism.