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Why is Latin America So Dysfunctional

Why is Latin America So Dysfunctional? Part One – The US...

Why is Latin America so dysfunctional, and plagued by poverty and violence? This 4-part series looks at the history of America's involvement and interference in Latin America. Part 1 looks at the historical relationship of between the US and Mexico.
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Ep. 138 – History of the Religious Right Part 1: Before...

The origin of Christian involvement in American politics has a longer history than most people realize but it probably does not begin where you would imagine. Episode 1 of this series on the history of the religious right in America examines early 20th century Christian involvement in politics. Some of the most devoted and progressive Christians in American politics in the early 20th century would not even be allowed in the Republican party by today’s standards.
sudan backgrounder protests

What Is Going On in Sudan – Sudan Protests Fact Sheet...

This backgrounder on the growing crisis in Sudan explains what is currently taking place, how we got here and what the future might hold.
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Ep. 194 – The Next War: The History of Iran Part...

The US and Iran are heading toward war. This is where the story has been moving all along. This finale in my podcast series on the history of Iran explains why it is going to happen. This is part 6 in my podcast series on the history of Iran. Listen to this series and understand what is taking place when the big news hits - even before the big events happen.
September 1, 2020, Daily Update

Assassinations in Afghanistan

This is your September 1, 2020, Daily Update. The big things happening today you need to pay attention to. Follow the daily updates here.  Afghanistan A wave...
origins of the Kashmir conflict

Brief History of the Origins of the Kashmir Conflict

Perhaps the most famous of the struggles among the princely states and the resulting oppression and violence in the modern history of India is...
democratic republic of the congo

What In the World Is Going On In the Congo and...

This backgrounder on the Congo crisis explains what is going on in the DRC and how we got here. While the government has until January 15, to announce an official election winner many experts fear the nation is about to fall into yet another period of extensive violence and warfare.
what is happening in Kashmir

Historically Dangerous Events Unfolding in Kashmir

While the western media is largely ignoring this story, a major historical event has unfolded in Kashmir this week. The following briefer explains what is going on in this extremely unstable situation.
executions in iran

Executions in Iran – A Story By The Numbers

The brutality of the Islamic Republic of Iran is seldom questioned but in case it ever is, here are some numbers that demonstrate the...
where were you when the 2020 pandemic hit

Ep 238: Where Were You When the 2020 Pandemic Hit

We have been watching the development of the COVID-19 Pandemic since it was known only as a "mystery virus" in China. In the last...