What were your top 5 movies from 2019? In today’s podcast episode we look back on the year and discuss what our favorite movies were for the year and why. We also touch on some honorable mentions that did not make the list and what we are looking forward to in 2020 at the movies.

Jonathan Webster leads off the discussion with Jessica Lewallen and JB Shreve. Along the way, we hit a variety of topics including:

  • How do you define what is appropriate to be viewed and what is not as a Christian and person of faith?
  • Will the onslaught of franchise movies stop any time soon?
  • And is Martin Scorsese overrated?
  • The names of Jessica’s dogs and their input into the discussion

This is the first of three end of the year podcast episodes that will be dropping between now and New Year’s Day here at JB Shreve and the End of History.

Here are some of the trailers to the movies mentioned in today’s podcast episode for the top 5 movies of 2019.