Facts and Fictions: A Podcast and Research Project Into a Christian Perspective on LGBT

A deep dive podcast and research project to identify a Christian perspective on LGBT issues.

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In 2011 I began researching the issues of LGBT. I grew up in a traditional Bible belt Christian home. Among the many things that were understood and definite was the fact that homosexuality was wrong.

But in 2011 that was changing.

Today, many of us forget how fast that changed. In 2008, the Congressional elections (the year Barak Obama was elected to the presidency) included the issue of supporting gay marriage as a mark against candidates who were considered extreme and beyond the pale of normal American life. The voters at the time agreed with this sentiment. Gay marriage was growing in popularity and acceptability as an American norm, but it was not there yet in 2008.

By 2012, only four years later, the tables were completely turned. Republican candidates who opposed gay marriage were considered bigoted cavemen who did not fit the modern view of life, liberty, and love. President Obama shifted his own views on the issue at that time and became a vocal proponent of gay marriage. Many political scientists attributed Republican losses at the polls that year to their old fashioned stances on issues like gay marriage.

What is popular is not always right, however. That’s a standard I live by. So, I continued to research the issue.

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Much of what I understood growing up in a traditional Christian church informed me that homosexuality, and transgenderism with it, was wrong. Those beliefs were more important to me than what popular culture did or believed. Popular culture and public opinion are not a safe gauge to follow in determining right and wrong.

But then again, Christians argued that slavery was right and God-ordained at one time in American history. Many Christians did the same for segregation. My own father and grandfather believed interracial marriages were wrong (and they were ministers)!

the end of history web site and podcast is focused on truth based Christian insight on today’s global issues

The dilemma was clear. American culture and beliefs about what is right and wrong were changing all around me. I wanted to know what the truth was. I did not want to be caught on the wrong side of history, but I also wanted a strong basis for my own decision on this issue. I wanted a basis for informing my children in what was right and wrong that was built upon facts and truth – not merely tradition or popular opinion.

For the next four years, I read hundreds of articles, books, and essays on the matter. I attended and listened to lectures. I discussed the issues of LGBT with friends. I reviewed the history. I dug into the science. I plowed through psychological studies. I invested time researching those who opposed gay marriage and gay rights, as well as transgenderism; and much more time was invested into those who supported these things.

My children became bored with the subject. My friends grew tired of the discussions. They were looking forward to this research project being over.

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In 2016 it ended. That was a year after gay marriage was legalized and became the law of the land. It was the year after Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner and won a hero award from ESPN for doing so. It was the year I compiled and formulated all of my research into a single document that is still housed in my personal files.

In 2017 I published a series of podcast episodes on the topic that included much of what I found in the research. I expected these episodes to go viral. Finally, in the midst of all the hype, the media sensation and culture wars, a fact-based look at the issue could be found for those looking to learn the truth on the issue.

Not so much.

christian perspective lgbt
The LGBT podcast series informs Christians of the factual history and science behind LGBT. To create an informed and educated perspective to supplement faith-based positions.

There were a few of my most loyal podcast subscribers who enjoyed the content but for the most part, people seemed disinterested. They either presumed to already know what I was saying about the issue or they were tired of hearing about it from every other source in the media. I soon removed the podcasts from my web site. It was frankly a dangerous climate of political correctness that drove this move at the time. If people were not interested in the material, there was no need to put it out there and place unnecessary risk on my work and career.

Today I am putting these podcast episodes back online. They are available to my Patreon supporters only. I have fused the whole series together into three episodes (it was too big a file to do it only as one) for your ease of listening and accessing. I believe the regime of political correctness is only going to worsen in the coming years but there is a need for facts and truth on this and every issue in life.

This series was designed with both parents and college students in mind. Against the overwhelming assault of political correctness and the mentality of “I don’t care about the facts, I know the truth,” some solid fact-based research and analysis on the issues of LGBT are beneficial.

This is not meant to disparage or disrespect anyone. I hope the tone of the podcast demonstrates that. Tomorrow I will be posting a special article on the web site regarding a specifically Christian perspective of the issue.

I hope these tools are of benefit to you. And I hope you will shoot me some feedback if you have further questions or comments on the research and conclusions. I don’t claim to have a monopoly on the issue of truth and facts when it comes to LGBT but I do believe there is far more solid research in these episodes than what I have found elsewhere. This podcast is not about an agenda. It’s about finding the facts and knowing the truth.

This is a MEGA download and far longer than one of my average podcasts. (It’s more like an audiobook totaling more than 9 hours in length!) Below is a listing of the breakdown of the different topics and sequence covered in this special podcast. Due to these episodes being fused together into three, each episode will have the standard End of History intro and outro.

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