Justin Bieber. Kanye West. Chris Pratt. Our culture has its fair share of celebrity Christians today. This is not a new phenomenon. From Johnny Cash to Bob Dylan, Christianity has frequently merged with celebrity culture in America – to mixed results.

Alongside these lists should also be included names like Josh Harris. He was the author and celebrity Christian who, in the early 2000s wrote “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” This year he left his church and family and also his faith. He is not the first to follow this path. Celebrity culture and values clash hard with the basics tenants of Christian faith. The rise to celebrity status in this world can often mean a crash when it comes to the values of the Kingdom of God.

celebrity christians

Are celebrity Christians real Christians? Can the two mix? In a culture so fixated on self also embrace the Christian faith in a real and meaningful way?

Our current events podcast episode takes a slight turn this week as we look at these questions. JB Shreve is joined by Jonathan Webster, Dr. Malachi Nichols and Ben Lagrone for a discussion on Celebrity Christians.

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