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  • Global confirmed coronavirus cases – 5,814,886
  • Global coronavirus deaths – 347,984

The US death toll, now beyond 100,000, continued to rise. The US coronavirus death will soon be double the total US deaths in the Vietnam Conflict. We are less than four-month into the pandemic. Alongside the rising death toll, more businesses announced their reopening plans. Las Vegas casinos plan to reopen at the end of next week. Disney World will open its theme parks, with modifications, in July.

Jobless claims continued to rise in the US with new reports today. US Jobless claims topped 40 million since the onset of the pandemic.

US Divisions Accelerating – May 28, 2020 Daily Update

May 28, 2020, Daily Update

The divisions within the US continue to accelerate, most notably along the lines of race. Protests in Minneapolis turned deadly overnight. George Floyd, an African-American man, was killed in Minneapolis Monday. Video captured Floyd handcuffed and pinned to the ground as a white officer pressed his knee into the back of Floyd’s neck. The original reason police stopped Floyd was suspicion of forgery. In response to the death and video, protests and widespread looting spread across the city since Monday. The mayor separated himself from the police department in several public statements. Last night the demonstrations became violent with at least one death reported.

Floyd’s death is the second high profile killing of a black man caught on video that has enraged many Americans in only the month of May.

International Pandemic Update

The reopening trend continues internationally. Cyprus, to lure tourists back to announced plans to reimburse tourists who contract COVID19 while vacationing on their island.

Meanwhile, the EU has proposed an $826 billion recovery plan for its members. If passed, the recovery would significantly change the balance of power within the EU.

Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous nation, is at risk of becoming a new hot spot. The country has nearly 25,000 confirmed cases and 1,500 deaths by the virus. These numbers are nearly double the reports from the beginning of the month.

China and Hong Kong

May 28, 2020, Daily Update

It seems like a century ago, when one of the main stories the world focused upon was the protests in Hong Kong over growing Chinese restrictions there. That was only January. The rise of the pandemic pushed the story and protests to the background. Now, as the rest of the world focused on the pandemic, China leveraged the moment and pushed ahead with plans in Hong Kong. The plan for a new national security law in Hong Kong that would expand Chinese security practices into Hong Kong to suppress protests and dissent took a significant step forward.

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