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A wave of assassinations has swept through Kabul, Afghanistan. The targets are individuals and leaders among humanitarian and aid organizations. Members of the Taliban are believed to be among the culprits.  

Global Pandemic – September 1, 2020, Daily Update

India is now becoming a new focus in the global pandemic. After setting a new global record for most cases in a single day over the weekend, the country announced they confirmed almost 2 million cases in August alone. In addition to that grim statistic, 28,000 people died of the virus in India in August.

The official coronavirus case count in Russia has surpassed 1 million.

Spain recorded more new cases, per capita, than any other country in Europe in the last week. Authorities fear the country is experiencing a second wave of the coronavirus.

Israel has called upon Major General Ori Gordon to lead a task force against the significant outbreak in the country. The country is facing one of the worst outbreaks in the developed world.

US Pandemic – September 1, 2020, Daily Update

Total cases in the US tripled since June 1. The current focus of new surges of confirmed cases is in the Midwest. Iowa now leads the country in new infection rates.

Among the top 20 largely populated areas in the US that experienced a rise in new cases over the last week, half were college towns. At the University of Alabama, 1,300 students and staff members have now tested positive. The University of Iowa had 600 students test positive in the first week of classes. The University of Missouri has recorded more than 400 cases since classes resumed August 24.

North and South Dakota reported single day increase records over the weekend.

US Protests

President Trump plans to visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, today. Kenosha is the sight of some of the recent protests that included deaths in the last week. Critics warn the President’s visit will stir tension even more. Currently, the President has plans to meet with the police department but does not plan to meet with the family of the man whose shooting inspired the recent protests. 

South Korea

The massive typhoon Maysak moved past Okinawa on Monday and is expected to hit South Korea today. The storm is carrying winds of more than 100 mph. Maysak is expected to reach category four storm status and is the second tropical storm to hit South Korea in a week.

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