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Global Pandemic – August 12, 2020, Daily Update

There are now 20 million confirmed cases around the world. This is double the total from only six weeks ago.

Argentina and Colombia reported spikes in new cases in recent days.

New Zealand reported the country’s first locally transmitted coronavirus cases in 102 days.

Lebanon reported a surge of 300 new coronavirus cases.

Australia recorded its deadliest day in the pandemic so far, with 21 deaths on Tuesday.

Economists say the pandemic will bring about the first global increase in poverty in 22 years.

US Pandemic

Florida and Georgia set new single-day records for coronavirus deaths on Tuesday.

The PAC10 and the BIG 12 canceled their fall football seasons over concerns for the virus.

More than 900 students and staff in the Cherokee County School District of Georgia are now quarantined following the school reopening on August 3.

Britain’s Economy

Britain’s economy shrank by 20.4% between April and June compared to the first three months of the year. It is the biggest slump since the Office of National Statistics began tracking the economy. 1955

Storms in the Midwest

A derecho storm struck the midwestern US with 100 mph winds.


Flooding in Somalia displaced thousands of people.

South Sudan

The United Nations reported more than 70 people killed in the northern area of South Sudan over the weekend. The deaths occurred due to clashes between armed civilians and South Sudan’s military.


Violent skirmishes between state security police and protesters continued in Belarus for the third night in a row. Protesters contend ­­­­Aleksandr Lukashenko rigged his successful reelection after he declared victory on Monday.  Opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya left Belarus yesterday out of concern for her and her children’s safety.


Crowds of protesters gathered in Bangalore, India, over an offensive post about the prophet Muhammad. Police fired on the protesters, killing three. The protesters set fire to vehicles and injured more than 60 police officers.

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