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Protest Violence

The trend toward violent clashes in protests across the country increased over the weekend. On the 80th day of consecutive protests in Portland, violence erupted between opposing activist groups. At demonstrations in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a massive brawl broke out between protesters from the extreme right and left-wing groups represented among the protesters. In Chicago, Illinois protesters attacked police with umbrellas. In Minneapolis, protesters descended upon a police station and lobbed rocks and fireworks at the building. 

US Pandemic – August 17, 2020, Daily Update

The US, seven-day average, reached 1,000 coronavirus deaths for the 21st day in a row this weekend.

The rate of infections among children in the US has steadily increased since March, according to a new report for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Mississippi, Georgia, North Carolina, and California reported new outbreaks with the resumption of public school and college classes. Several states also canceled or postponed in-person classes for the fall semester due to new local outbreaks. In Arizona, a teacher’s strike against unsafe work conditions resulted in the cancellation of the first day of classes today.

Global Pandemic

New Zealand’s Prime Minister postponed the national elections for four months following a new outbreak of coronavirus cases.

The President of South Africa said infections in his country peaked, and the government planned to reduce restrictions. South Africa has recorded more than 580,000 coronavirus infections and nearly 12,000 deaths to date.

France declared Paris and Marseilles as coronavirus high-risk zones.

South Korea reported more than 100 cases in a single day over the weekend, the country’s highest day of new cases in three weeks.


The MV Wakashio, which began leaking oil into the waters off the coast of Mauritius, split apart on Saturday off the shores of Mauritius.


Al Shabab terrorists in Mogadishu detonated a car bomb and stormed the Elite Hotel on Sunday morning. A multi-hour standoff between the terrorists and Somali security forces took place. The terrorists held hostages within the hotel. The government reported at least fifteen people killed, including all the al Shabab gunmen, by the time the standoff ended Sunday afternoon.


More than 10,000 protesters gathered in Bangkok on Sunday, demanding a change to the country’s political system. The government declared a state of emergency as the protests violated the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

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