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Rivals in the civil war in Libya announced a cease-fire. The Government of National Accord also called for elections in Libya within the next year.

Global Pandemic

South Korea has threatened to detain people who obstruct coronavirus containment efforts.

Ukraine announced an upsurge in new cases related to churches and weddings. On Thursday, the country announced a new single-day record with more than 2,100 confirmed cases.

At least 41 schools in Berlin, Germany reported cases among students and staff a week after classes resumed.

A new study in the Journal of Pediatrics suggests children could be silent spreaders of the coronavirus. This is a trend and suspicion that has been present with the virus since the first outbreak in China.

US Pandemic

Overall coronavirus trends, the US moved in a positive direction this week. In the southern US, testing rose, but cases fell. US COVID19 hospitalizations fell for the third straight week. Deaths remained above 1,000 per day on average.

Florida became the fifth state to reach 10,000 coronavirus deaths.

North Dakota and Nevada each reported a new single-day newly confirm case records on Thursday.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Deborah Birx said the Trump administration plans to return the US coronavirus reporting data back to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

While multiple states reported a surge in new cases as school classes restarted in the last two weeks, most state leaders said they would not make public where these new outbreaks are located. Texas said they plan to make the data public so parents can know where the dangers lie.

China Floods 

Record-breaking floods in China killed hundreds and displaced thousands in recent weeks. The Three Gorges Dam has neared capacity, and authorities are working to assure restless locals that the massive structure will hold.


Police tear-gassed anti-corruption protesters in Nairobi.

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