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Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan, has resigned for health reasons. Abe is the country’s longest-serving Prime Minister. He plans to remain in office until the country chooses his successor.

Global Pandemic

India recorded its highest single-day increases at more than 75,000 new cases on Thursday.

South Korea reported more than 440 new cases on Wednesday, the highest new case total in the country since March.

The Gaza Strip has extended a lockdown in the territory after the report of an outbreak. The Gaza Strip is frequently cited as one of the most densely populated patches of earth, per square foot, in the world.

US Pandemic

Reported deaths in the US fell for the second straight week. This represents the fifth consecutive week of new cases declining in the US and the fourth week of COVID19 hospitalizations declining. These three numbers, new cases, deaths, and hospitalizations, represent the indicators to watch as schools resume.

After a spike in new cases, the governor of Iowa ordered public gathering locations to close in six counties throughout the state.


Vladimir Putin said he is developing a special reserve force at the request of Aleksandr Lukashenko. Lukashenko is the controversial leader of Belarus, facing massive protests in his country over the last few weeks.

Flooding in Central Asia

Karachi, Pakistan, is experiencing some of the worst monsoon floodings on record. At least 20 people in the city died in the floods on Thursday.

The death toll for the flooding in northern Afghanistan has now risen to more than 150.

South China Sea

China fired a barrage of missiles over long distances in the South China Sea on Thursday. The actions are seen as a demonstration of the country’s assumed sovereignty over the region.

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