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US Pandemic Updates  

The US reported more than 900 COVID19 deaths yesterday. Alabama, Florida, and Utah reported single day records in their respective death counts. Overall the national trend suggests a trend upward in fatalities to the virus. This trend is in line with the experience of prior outbreaks in Europe, China, and even New York. First comes the big surge of new cases, then two to three weeks later comes a surge of new deaths.

Florida reported more cases in the last week than many European countries did in their entire struggle with the virus.

A new coronavirus vaccine showed promise in the first stage of testing.

Global Pandemic Updates

Brazil continues to climb as the country with the second-highest coronavirus and death countries in the world. The nation reported nearly 42,000 new cases yesterday, bringing their total to 1.9 million and almost 75,000 deaths.

India passed 900,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. More than 130 million people in the country are returning to lockdown.

The Red Crescent Society said Afghanistan is facing catastrophe as the pandemic spreads across the country, devastating the nation’s healthcare system.

Amnesty International issued a report saying the virus has killed more than 3,000 healthcare workers. Russia leads on the list with 545 healthcare worker deaths.

England is mandating facemasks in shops and grocery stores. France also plans to make masks mandatory in public spaces.

US and China

The two great powers are drifting fast toward a Cold War. Coronavirus. The South China Sea. Hong Kong. Huawei. The contest between these two nations has always been a carefully observed dynamic by world affairs experts. Now, as the US global influence is in decline, China hopes to make gains.


 Flooding in the Assam state in northeastern India has resulted in 77 deaths. Flash flooding in Indonesia has resulted in 15 deaths. More than 1.5 million people are stranded in Bangladesh as flooding placed one-third of the country underwater.


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