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US Pandemic – July 16, 2020, Daily Update

The Trump administration ordered American hospitals to bypass the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and send all COVID19 patient-related information to a database in Washington DC. The move set off alarms across the medical community over concerns the President would further politicize the pandemic.

The US total confirmed cases rose to 3.5 million. Forty-one states saw increases in their new cases in the last two weeks.

Schools across the country are opting for at least partial online schooling when classes resume in the fall.

Major retailers from Walmart to Kroeger announced they require all US customers to wear masks into the stores.

The governor of Oklahoma tested positive for the virus as the state set a new single-day record for confirmed reports at 1,075.

Texas set a new record yesterday with 11,000 newly confirmed cases and 130 coronavirus deaths.

Alabama recorded 47 new deaths to the virus yesterday while the governor issued a statewide order to wear masks.

In Florida, one in three children screen tested positive for the virus. The children are primarily asymptomatic.

The governor of Georgia issued an order that nullified all local ordinances that required masks in the state.

A CDC report explained how two hairstylists in Missouri had the coronavirus, but they wore masks and did not pass the virus on to their 139 customers.

Global Pandemic

The Philippines now has more than 60,000 confirmed cases and 1,600 deaths. President Duterte sent the police to search home to home for citizens in the country who are carrying the infection.

Seventy countries signed up for a global coronavirus vaccine initiative to ensure that upon the development of a vaccine, it is fairly distributed across the world. Critics worry the initiative would allow rich countries to stockpile the vaccine while poor countries continue to suffer.

France moved up the start of its mask mandate after a spike in cases in its northwest region.

India set a new record yesterday with 606 coronavirus deaths in a day.

Violent Crime in the US 

After the national lockdown and Black Lives Matter protests of this spring, many Americans bought guns. June gun sales were up 50% compared to normal. The surplus of weapons probably contributed to a rise in violent crime in major American cities since that time.

South Asia  

Monsoons in South Asia triggered widespread flooding and landslides in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India. At least 213 people across the region died in the flooding over the last month.

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