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A widely circulated video last week showed uniformed men taking a man in all black into custody. Over the weekend, federal customs officials identified the agents as customs officials. The mayor of Portland identified the masked federal officers as President Trump’s “personal army.” Protests in Portland have been ongoing for the past six weeks. Images of the masked federal agents putting protesters in vans and driving off are raising alarms among multiple civil rights organizations.

US Pandemic

The US coronavirus death toll now stands at more than 143,000 – nearly 25% of the total global deaths by the coronavirus. The US reported more than 200,000 new cases between Friday morning and Sunday evening nationwide. 

Sunday marked the 41st day in a row that the country’s 7-day average continued to trend upward.

Kentucky, Louisiana, Oregon, and South Carolina all set to new single-day records for newly confirmed cases.

Florida continued to lead the way in new cases reported over the weekend. Yesterday the state reported more than 12,000 new coronavirus cases. Texas and California each reported more than 8,000 cases. California will surpass New York this week for the most confirmed cases in the US. At the current rates, Texas and Florida will both surpass New York by the end of the month.

Global Pandemic – July 20, 2020, Daily Update

Global coronavirus deaths surpassed 600,000.

In Zimbabwe, the government has arrested more than 100,000 people since March for violating lockdown and social distancing orders. Critics argue the government is targeting political opposition sources in these arrests.

After 108 new cases, Hong Kong announced its largest single-day rise in the country. New measures are being implemented, including 10,000 tests a day, to stop the spread of the virus in Hong Kong. Facemasks are now mandatory indoors here.

Although the President of Nicaragua refuses to acknowledge the impact of the coronavirus on the country, his party seems to be suffering immense losses to the disease. Many coronavirus deaths are officially called pneumonia deaths in the country. Nicaragua reports 99 deaths from the virus. A medical organization tracking the country’s outbreak said the total is nearly 21 times that amount.

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro referred to returning Venezuelan refugees as a “biological” threat.

India announced a record 40,000 new cases in a day on Sunday.

The Bahamas closed entry to incoming flights from the US due to skyrocketing coronavirus numbers.

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