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UK and China

The UK suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong in a move to signal disapproval of the new National Security Law recently passed by China there. The step was the latest in an escalation of tensions between the UK and China. Earlier in the month, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he would offer 3 million Hong Kong residents the chance to resettle in the UK. The Chinese ambassador in London said the UK has “blatantly interfered” in Chinese affairs and further warned the UK would “bear the consequences” if the country continued to go “down the wrong road” in regards to Hong Kong and Chinese affairs. 

Vaccine Efforts

Two new vaccine initiatives, one in Oxford and one in China, triggered immune responses in human tests without adverse side effects. 

US Pandemic – July 21, 2020, Daily Update

President Trump said he plans to revive the coronavirus task force daily briefings as US cases continue to surge. The President also described wearing a facemask as “patriotic.”

Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, Nevada, Kentucky, North Dakota, Montana, and Puerto Rico each reported new record highs for coronavirus hospitalizations on Monday. Alabama has recorded record coronavirus hospitalizations for five days in a row.

Coronavirus deaths in Texas are surging. More than 20% of Texas’s 4,000 coronavirus deaths occurred in the last week. 

The rate of infections in rural areas of the country grew by 150% in the last month.

North Carolina became the latest state to surpass 100,000 confirmed cases on Monday. New surges in the state suggest the numbers will continue to climb there.

Global Pandemic

India recorded more than 40,000 new cases on Monday, a new single-day record for the country.

Brazil surpassed 80,000 deaths from the virus.

Spain is experiencing a cluster of new coronavirus cases. New cases grew three-fold since July 1.

The European Union (EU) agreed to an $857 billion stimulus package to rescue nation members from the impact of the pandemic.   

Federal Troops

President Trump pledged to extend the use of federal troops on Americans currently taking place in Portland to other cities across the country. The President said he would send troops to Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, and New York – all cities with Democrat leadership.

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