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US Pandemic – July 24, 2020, Daily Update

The US total confirmed case count has surpassed 4 million, doubling from 2 million only six weeks ago. The outbreak in the US is growing exponentially.

California has now surpassed New York for the state with the most coronavirus cases in the country.

President Trump announced he had canceled the significant portion of the Republican National Convention scheduled for Jacksonville, Florida, next month.

Miami and Miami Dade County’s mayors urged residents to consider wearing facemasks in their homes to help prevent the spread of the virus in Florida.

The bizarre American debate over facemasks is subsiding. A new poll finds 3 out of 4 Americans now support the use of facemasks.

Global Pandemic

Globally the coronavirus case count is now at more than 15.6 million. There are more than 636,000 confirmed deaths to the virus.

A surge of new cases in Madagascar in the last week has authorities concerned patients will soon overrun the hospitals and healthcare system.

Brazil has set new records for growth in new coronavirus cases this week. Wednesday and Thursday’s daily new cases totals were each higher than any single day of new case reports in Brazil since the pandemic began. A current total of 83,000 deaths and nearly 2.3 million confirmed cases leave Brazil with no end in sight for this current pandemic crisis.

Romania reimposed restrictions after new daily case totals within the country tripled in the last month.

New daily cases in Israel set records on Wednesday and Thursday this week, each day recording more than 2,000 new cases.

Cases in Spain quadrupled in the last month.

South Africa reported a 60% rise in excess deaths. This data suggests the impact of COVID19 in the country may be much worse than the official numbers report.

Temporary Basic Income Payments

A report from the UN Development Fund has suggested a temporary basic income payment would help reduce the pain and damage of the pandemic in poorer countries. This report will undoubtedly be used by some extremists to justify their conspiracy theories.

Floods in South Asia

Floods in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal have now displaced millions of people and killed more than 500. 


Human rights activists warn of growing aggressiveness by Ugandan security forces seeking to prevent the spread of COVID19. While the country has no official deaths from the virus to date, at least 12 people have so far died at the hands of security forces enforcing lockdowns and social distancing restrictions.

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