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US Pandemic – July 29, 2020, Daily Update

The US reported more than 136,000 new cases in the first two days of this week. Tuesday added more than 1,200 deaths to the total US count, the highest single day for US coronavirus death totals since May 29. The US recorded more than 1,000 coronavirus deaths a day five times over the last week.

Experts believe the recent surge in Arizona, Texas, Florida, and California is leveling off. The death counts continue to rise in these states as the lag between new case reports and deaths persists. Meanwhile, a new surge is picking up in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

Global Pandemic – July 29, 2020, Daily Update

Multiple countries in Europe are warning of a potential second wave as new cases surge. The Belgian government warned the country could return to complete lockdown. The country experienced a 71% increase in its seven-day average report of new cases. Spain, France, and Germany also report significant increases in new daily case counts.

China reported 101 new cases on Tuesday, the highest number of new cases in the country since April.

Hong Kong’s leader warned they are on the verge of a significant coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong. 

Pandemic Science

A new study published in JAMA Cardiology says 78% of COVID19 recovery patients show signs of ongoing heart damage.

Researchers working on the Moderna vaccine reported forward movement in recent tests on monkeys. The researchers first injected the monkeys with then vaccine then they injected the monkeys with the coronavirus. The tested monkeys with the vaccine cleared the virus quickly from their lungs.

A new paper, not yet peer-reviewed, suggests the mutation that made coronavirus more infections also made it more vulnerable to vaccines.


China is enduring its worst flooding since 1998. Water levels at Three Gorges Dam have reached record levels. The flooding has resulted in fourteen million displaced people in China. More than 140 people have died.

Israel and Lebanon

Israel has dispatched additional troops to the country’s border with Lebanon. The move follows an alleged Hezbollah attach from Lebanon’s southern border. Experts in Israel say they expect an additional attack on Israel from Hezbollah forces before the Eid al-Adha holiday starts Thursday.

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