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US Economy 

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the US economy contracted by an annual rate of 32.9%. This economic contraction in the US is the worst drop on record.

US Pandemic – July 30, 2020, Daily Update

The virus death toll in the US has passed 150,000. In April, separate studies suggested the US death toll could climb as high as 60,000 to 70,000. In May, in a rare moment, President Trump admitted the death toll of the coronavirus in the US could climb as high as 100,000. The US reported more than 1,400 deaths nationwide on Wednesday – nearly one death per minute of the day.

Florida alone reported 261 deaths yesterday, a new single-day record for the state. Florida plans to shut all of its state-run testing centers today due to an approaching tropical storm.

Global Pandemic 

The death toll in Latin America and the Caribbean has passed 180,000. 

Japan, Israel, Hong Kong, and Lebanon all reported record numbers of new cases in recent days and weeks. Health experts are raising alarms of a growing potential second wave of the virus around the world. Cities and nations that believed they passed the worst of the pandemic are now encountering new outbreaks.

After no cases for three months, Vietnam has reported 30 cases linked to Danang. The government has warned of a potential outbreak across the entire country.

A recent survey among crowded spaces in Mumbai, India, has led to a troubling discovery. More than half the residents among the slums in Mumbai tested positive for antibodies, according to the survey of 7,000 random people. This result means they had the coronavirus at some point. Outside the slums, only 16% tested positive.

Victoria, Australia reported its worst death and case count rise. The state reported a 36% increase in new cases. Observers in Australia fear the lockdown is not working.

Guatemala buried the bodies of dozens of unidentified coronavirus victims in Guatemala City.

Pandemic Science and Medicine  

Johnson and Johnson launched human trials of its potential coronavirus vaccine today.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacies banned the distribution of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus treatment. A statement from the board described this as a patient safety issue after the Food and Drug Administration decision to pull the drug as a coronavirus treatment. The FDA said the drug offered no effective treatment and posed possible health risks to users.

US Military  

The US military plans to move nearly 12,000 troops out of Germany in the coming weeks.


The United Nations said more than 100 civilians died by explosives, gunfighting, and airstrikes in the fighting in Libya between April and June. This number represented a 65% increase in civilian deaths that occurred in the first quarter of 2020.

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