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Gunmen stormed the Pakistani Stock Exchange in Karachi, Monday morning. The attackers used grenades to break through the gate and shot several people. The exact number of victims is not yet known. The Baloch Liberation Army claimed credit for the attack.

Global Pandemic

The world passed the 10 million confirmed case mark over the weekend and is already a quarter of the way to 11 million. Current global totals: confirmed cases 10,266,963; coronavirus deaths 504,751.

The European Union said it would bar travelers from the US and Russia as these countries do not have the pandemic under control, and travelers present a risk to Europe’s efforts to control the outbreak.

China re-imposed a lockdown in Anxin county in Hebei province. Only essential workers are allowed to leave their homes. One member of each household is allowed to leave per day. The government initiated the lockdown following the discovery of 18 cases.

US Pandemic  

Positive cases in the US rose 65% over the last two weeks.

Positivity rates among many states are increasing in the US. This fact should discount the widely claimed assertion and belief that new cases in the US are rising because of increased testing. According to the New York Times, “In Los Angeles County, officials said Saturday that the positivity rate there had risen to 9 percent; two weeks ago it was averaging 5.8 percent. In Texas, the rate climbed above 13 percent on Friday; it was around 7 percent two weeks ago. Arizona’s positivity rates have been climbing steadily since early May and have been averaging above 20 percent for a week, according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

Georgia, Nevada, South Carolina, and Florida hit new records for newly confirmed coronavirus cases over the weekend.

After multiple days of record-breaking numbers in the last week, Florida is nearing daily confirmed case reports that look similar to what New York experienced in April. COVID cases are up fivefold in the state for the past two weeks.

Beginning Friday, Florida’s daily confirmed reports approached nearly 10,000 a day. Reopening and the lack of social distancing are seen as direct causes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Friday that infections in many parts of the US are ten times higher than the reported rate.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center is experiencing full capacity in many of its intensive care units. The mayor of Houston, Texas, said the ICUs there are at nearly full capacity. 

Protests and Civil Unrest

Protests in Louisville, Kentucky, over the weekend included gunfire and one killing. On Saturday night, a man opened fire into a crowd of protesters, killing one. The shooter shot twelve times into the crowd. A bystander shot back at the shooter and injured him in the leg. The shooter previously participated in the protests, but protesters said they asked him to leave.

Mississippi’s state legislature voted to remove the confederate flag symbol for the state flag over the weekend. The governor said he would sign the bill.

Authorities report an unprecedented surge of violence in Minneapolis since George Floyd’s death. The police department says more than 113 people shot in the city since May 25, and they received hundreds of concerns about people hearing gunfire.


A barrage of crises hit India in the last week. The recent border clashes with China triggered a renewed wave of nationalism and alarm as tensions between the two countries ramped up to their highest levels in decades. The surge in new coronavirus cases placed India at fourth globally for most new cases, only slightly behind Russia. Topping all of these crises off, India is experiencing its worst locust invasion in decades – wreaking untold devastation to the country’s agriculture system.

Delhi, the capital of India, is now the worst-hit city in the nation. Delhi has more than 77,000 cases. One month ago, the entire nation barely had this number. The city recorded nearly one-third of its total cases in the last week.

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