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Protests in the US 

Around the country, cities began lifting curfews over the weekend. National Guard troops continued to withdraw. The protests continue, but the drama of the first ten days since the death of George Floyd appears to be subsiding. Even while the protests entered a new phase, the levels of polarization among different sides of the issue became more emphasized over the weekend.

On the protest side, there is a growing call to defund police departments. In Minneapolis, nine city council members announced their plans to vote for defunding the police department and putting that money toward social projects. The council member did not provide details or a timeline regarding how the program would work.

On the other side, Ben Carson of Housing and Urban Development said systemic racism does not exist in the US anymore. Attorney General Barr said systemic racism does not exist in US law enforcement.

We are two weeks into the protests and appear farther apart than we were at the beginning.

Coronavirus Pandemic – US – June 8, 2020, Daily Update

The global total of confirmed cases surpassed 7 million yesterday. The US surpassed 2 million confirmed cases, with 112,000 deaths by the coronavirus.

Efforts to fight the pandemic with social distancing and lockdown orders appear to have collapsed. Although many states officially maintain phases for exiting lockdown, protests that include thousands marching side by side one another in the streets render those strategies moot. We are likely about to see how infectious and dangerous the coronavirus truly is. Additionally, as a result of the widespread protests, we are about to learn that the two-month lockdown, along with its economic consequences, was either unnecessary or wasted in the last two weeks.

California and Arizona are at the top of the list of newly confirmed cases in the last 24 hours in the US. California had nearly 2,800 new cases yesterday, while Arizona had 1,500.

Coronavirus Pandemic – Global

June 8, 2020, Daily Update
Top 10 Nations Impacted by the Pandemic, June 8, 2020, Daily Update

New Zealand declared they have no more active coronavirus cases and pledged a return to life without limitations.

Brazil continues to surge with some of the highest counts of new coronavirus cases and deaths in the world. Even as those numbers continue to rise in Brazil, the government decided to limit the data being disclosed to the public going forward.

Saudi Arabia has moved past 100,000 confirmed cases.

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