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  • Global confirmed coronavirus cases – 5,709,551
  • Global coronavirus deaths – 352,753

The US death toll surpassed 100,000 from the coronavirus. Nearly 20,000 new cases reported in the US yesterday. California is now leading the way with the most new cases in the last 24 hours. New York has fallen to the fourth spot.

As the US economy reopens, many companies are filing for bankruptcy or calling for needed bailouts. Amtrak was the latest to request a bailout saying it will be a long time before riders return to the mass transit train even after the pandemic is over.

May 27, 2020, Daily Pandemic Update
In this April 2020, photo provided by Tyson Foods, workers wear protective masks and stand between plastic dividers at the company’s Camilla, Georgia poultry processing plant. Tyson has added the plastic dividers to create separation between workers because of the coronavirus outbreak. (Tyson Foods via AP)

The hot spots in the US continue to be nursing homes, prisons, and meat processing plants. These remain hot spots because they are some of the most densely populated enterprises that did not change their design in the course of the first wave. Tyson Foods, Smithfield Foods, and JBS have more than 11,000 confirmed cases associated with their plants at this point. Tyson Foods alone exploded from 1,600 cases a month ago to 7,000 cases today. Many of the plants belonging to these meat processing companies are no longer providing information about the coronavirus impact among their workers, neither state and local health officials.

May 27, 2020, Daily Pandemic Update

Latin America is the new hot spot for the pandemic with Brazil leading the way. A new study suggests Brazil’s death toll could climb higher than 125,000 by July. At nearly 400,000 confirmed cases, Brazil is second in the world for most coronavirus cases. The current death toll in Brazil is almost 25,000. Meanwhile, hospitals in Chile are nearing capacity with nearly 78,000 coronavirus cases in that country.

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