This is your May 6, 2020, Daily Pandemic Update

  • Global confirmed coronavirus cases – 3,744,765
  • Global coronavirus deaths – 258,884

Russia, Brazil, and Peru were among the countries demonstrating the most significant surge of new cases in the last 24 hours. The US and UK remain in the top 5 for most newly confirmed cases around the world over the previous 24 hours as well. Rising numbers of confirmed cases in war-torn and impoverished Yemen set off new causes for concern as the coronavirus now becomes firmly rooted in the southern hemisphere.

Nations with at least 1,000 newly confirmed cases in the last 24 hours

President Trump and Vice President Pence said the White House’s Coronavirus Task Force is “winding down.” Although the number of new COVID-19 cases in the US continues to increase, the reality that opening the country will cost lives appears unavoidable. It is a cold calculation but realistic. Growing protests and anxiety toward the lockdowns are not sustainable. The US economy is reopening, the confirmed case and death counts by coronavirus will grow, and America is entering a new phase of the pandemic.

May 6 2020 Daily Pandemic Update

Multiple new studies and reports offered a variety of new theories about the virus. A report in France suggests the coronavirus may have been present there as early as December. A separate research paper suggested the virus mutated in Europe and became much worse than the virus experienced in China. Both of these reports are not verified or peer-reviewed.

Meanwhile, doctors are watching a new set of symptoms among 15 children in New York. The COVID-19 related symptoms include rash and abdominal pains and are similar to Kawasaki Disease.

Concerns about meat shortages in the US continued yesterday. A new report suggests 1 in 5 Wendy’s fast-food restaurants are out of beef. At a Tyson meat plan in Iowa, 58% of the workers tested positive for coronavirus.

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