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US Pandemic – July 14, 2020, Daily Update

Nationwide the US reported more than 57,000 new cases yesterday. The nation’s coronavirus death toll climbed to more than 132,000.

California rolled back the state’s reopening. Bars are closed again. Many school districts moved the start date for schools. Many school districts say they plan to reopen online.  In several counties, local authorities forced beauty salons to close again.

In Oregon, face masks are now mandatory statewide, and officials are cracking down on gatherings of 10 or people.

Global Pandemic – July 14, 2020, Daily Update

Hong Kong Disneyland shut down after a surge of new cases in China.

After surpassing Italy, Mexico now has the world’s 4th largest death toll due to coronavirus. Thirty-five thousand people have died from the virus in Mexico.

The French government is giving its health care workers a pay raise. Each worker will receive an additional $207 per month on average. This total cost of this to the French government is around $9 billion.

The United Nations warned the pandemic could push 130 million people into chronic hunger before the end of the year.


Massive flooding has stranded more than 1 million people in Bangladesh. Many are leaving their homes for higher ground as flooding pounds the country.

South China Sea

The US stated on Monday saying all Chinese claims to the South China Sea outside China’s international waters are illegitimate. The South China Sea is a region of the world where China has moved very assertively in recent years and escalates the potential for conflict between the two countries.


Taliban fighters staged an attack on Afghanistan’s intelligent complex in Aybak, killing eleven people. Taliban fighting and violence has increased in recent months after peace talks stalled.

Economic Costs of the Pandemic

 Government aid packages and stimulus held off many costs of the pandemic to date, but increasingly the strain on the global economy is beginning to show. In the Middle East, oil producers anticipate $270 billion less in oil revenues this year compared to last. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said this decline in sales would lead to an economic contraction in the region of 7.3%.

The Pentagon told Congress that $10 billion is needed to pay contractors coronavirus related expenses.

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