This weekly podcast looks at the news and headlines from around the world to help you track and follow the important events and happenings in our world. This week, part of the globe is progressing with vaccinations against the pandemic while others are falling further behind. The middle class is falling behind – again. Biden and Putin don’t like each other. China wants to be included on that list too. Myanmar violence intensifies. Extremism in the Sahel. The detachment between governments and their people appears to be escalating. Coups and protests demonstrate that reality on the extreme margins but increasingly even in the day-to-day norm, the perspectives of the world’s leaders are far removed from the realities encountered by their supporters. The world is transitioning to new normals and we are not ready for the next crisis.

The Big Stories In This Weekly Update

  • Biden and Putin trade words, so do the Chinese
  • Pandemic update
  • US migrant crisis
  • Violence in the Sahel
  • Myanmar intensifies
  • Extremism in Sri Lanka
  • Dust storm in China
  • Inflation in Nigeria

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