Wishing It Away – What Happened Around the World This Week

This weekly podcast looks at the news and headlines from around the world to help you track and follow the important events and happenings in our world. This week, even as the pandemic turned one year old and US daily vaccines passed 2 million per day, the revelations of deeper systemic fractures continued to be exposed. This is not just an American phenomenon. Globally, the world is wishing away the pandemic moment but finding the moment won’t quite let go.

The Big Stories In This Weekly Update

  • The pandemic turns 1 year old
  • US migrant concerns
  • Explosions in Equatorial Guinea
  • Kidnappings in Nigeria
  • Crimes against humanity in Ethiopia
  • Protests in Armenia
  • Global pandemic update
  • Foreign aid decreasing
  • Myanmar crackdown

Take a deeper dive into the issues discussed on today’s weekly update by visiting these links and stories referenced within the podcast.