Whether you think the pandemic is all hype or the greatest threat to human existence in our generation, one thing we can all agree upon – what we are experiencing is historical and unprecedented. This podcast looks at the big milestones in the pandemic over the course of this last week, from surpassing 200,000 confirmed cases worldwide (and then 300,000 cases worldwide) to the surge in Italy as well as events in the US. As part of our pandemic week in review, we also discuss what the implications might be in politics and economics, how we are navigating the media, and what we are doing to pass the various levels of quarantine.

This is our own little effort to record and document what it was like to be live in the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Special panel guests joining JB Shreve on this pandemic week in review episode include LynnDee Summers, Tyrel Dennison, and Jerusha Gittlen.

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