Pakistani Christian Minorities Targeted for Chinese Slave Trade

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Thanks to the infamous one-child policy, China has a shortage of female citizens. As a result, many of the nation’s young men are in need of wives who can only be found beyond China’s borders. In a previous post, I informed how many of these brides are being supplied by Chinese slave traffickers in Myanmar. Specifically, many of the Rohingya refugees are being sold to Chinese households as wives for their young men. Once there they are essentially used as livestock to furnish children to the households.

A new report from the Associated Press demonstrates how this trend is also taking shape in nearby Pakistan. Christian minorities specifically have been targeted as victims for this growing slave trade to China from Pakistan. Impoverished families are paid for their daughters to be transported to China to become brides to Chinese husbands. Once there they are frequently abused, isolated, and some are forced into isolation. Many have made calls to their families in Pakistan begging to be brought back.

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FILE – In this May 22, 2019 file photo, Sumaira a Pakistani woman, shows a picture of her Chinese husband in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Sumaira, who didn’t want her full name used, was raped repeatedly by Chinese men at a house in Islamabad where she was brought to stay after her brothers arranged her marriage to the older Chinese man. The Associated Press has obtained a list, compiled by Pakistani investigators determined to break up trafficking networks, that identifies hundreds of girls and women from across Pakistan who were sold as brides to Chinese men and taken to China. (K.M. Chaudary, File/Associated Press)

Pakistani Christians have been targeted for this slave trade due to their status as an impoverished minority. In many instances, according to the Associated Press, pastors have operated as the middlemen to negotiate these transactions. According to the latest AP report, at least one Muslim cleric was also found accepting bribes to set up transactions like these out of his religious school.

The most recent findings have included the names of at least 629 Pakistani girls who have been sold to brokers for transport to China. Their names along with the names of their new husbands and families were uncovered in the Associated Press investigation. Each transaction costs the Chinese families $25,000 to $65,000. The girls’ families receive around $1,500 of this.