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This history of India podcast series is designed to give you insight into the background and developments of modern India. This 16 part podcast series is both informative and entertaining.

India is the world’s largest democracy. By the middle of this century, the nation will hold a population of 1.68 billion people. It will be larger than China in the next few years. India also boasts the world’s 7th largest economy alongside very high poverty rates and inequality among its citizens.

history of india podcast series

In spite of the mass and influence of this nation, many are unfamiliar with its chaotic and frequently tragic history. India’s history is a story of contradictions and ideals. It is the story of Gandhi but also Hindu nationalism; peace and passivity but also the security and threat of nuclear weapons.

history of india

This podcast series from JB Shreve & the End of History tells the story of the history of modern India. The story begins with the 1857 attempt at revolution, continues with the development of the Indian National Congress. Then and we enter into the era of independence and war. In the final set of episodes, we see the issues and stories that built the modern nation of India.

history of india

Each episode and the order to listen to the story in this history of India podcast series is noted below. All 16 episodes in the history of India podcast series are available to my Patreon supporters now!

history of india podcast series

History of India Podcast Series Episode Index

A summary of each episode in the history of India podcast series is listed at its respective Patreon page.


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