3 Ridiculous Stories, and 1 Really Good One – A Review of This Past Week

A review of some of the news stories you might have missed from this past week.

Trump Wants to Buy Greenland

On Thursday reports began leaking that US President Trump floated the idea that his advisors should look into buying the island of Greenland from Denmark. This story has been featured on nearly every major news outlet in the US. This morning it was on the homepage of CNN.COM, MSNBC.COM, and FOXNEWS.COM.

If this story sounds like a joke, it should. The story is real and has offered a lot of back and forth banter among the media but there is little more to it than this. This is a red herring deliberately leaked by the Trump administration. Why? Possibly to divert the media’s attention from more pressing issues. (i.e. Hong Kong protests, Idlib atrocities, Ebola in the Congo)

No matter the intent, that should be what intelligent observers take away from the story. The media is easily distracted and easily manipulated by the President. The pundits and talking heads eagerly jumped on this train to nowhere. In their debating of the pros and cons for this hypothetical US purchase many misremember history.

The Louisiana Purchase was not America’s only purchase of populated land. It was just over a hundred years ago when America purchased Puerto Rico from Spain. This move and subsequent history been a lightly publicized stain on American history, full of racism and injustice. Today Puerto Rico is a failing economy caught in no man’s land of the American political system. No American President or Congressman is racing to sort this issue out.

Gay Penguins

According to several stories featured in various news outlets, Germans are being thrilled by the prospects of gay penguins birthing their own baby penguin at the Berlin zoo. Two male penguins who arrived at the zoo have been seen socializing together since their arrival. At one point one of them adopted a rock as an egg. To see how far they would carry their alternative lifestyle, zoo managers gave the two penguins a real egg from one of the female penguins. Surprisingly they are acting like adoptive gay parents of the egg.


The levels of ridiculousness in this story bombard common sense. First, there is the hard-pressed worldview to sexualize every relationship and socialization in our world today. Two males are together. It must be homosexual. Second, there is unending anthropomorphism of our society. Perhaps this is not surprising from a generation that grew up on Disney movies such as The Lion King and The Jungle Book. Although they know cartoons are fantasy it is difficult to train their perspectives to know that animals are not really people. TV is not real life. Real-life is not like cartoons.

London had its own batch of gay penguins too. They even had a banner put up at the zoo that read, “Some penguins are gay, get over it.” Will these sociological lessons drawn from nature maintain if the penguin egg hatches and one of the so-called gay penguins eats the nestling?

The natural world is not like human society. This modern-day blasphemy may offend some readers but we have to really stretch our observations of animal life to make them like human beings.

  • Multiple animal species kill and eat their young. That is not a justification for human beings to do the same.
  • Snakes are carnivores and eat other animals, including their own species. This is not a justification for human beings to do the same.
  • Dogs greet one another by smelling each other’s rear ends. This is not a justification for human beings to do the same.

These statements may seem obvious but in today’s world where everything is politicized toward specific agendas, common sense frequently has to be deliberately expressed. Failure to do so puts us on a dangerous track where a lack of good sense encounters the harsh consequences of real life.



Victoria’s Secret Transgender Model

Speaking of a lack of common sense. What do you think we need in the world today? A transgender model at the world’s most popular lingerie brand. Of course!

Last year the chief marketing officer of Victoria Secret scoffed at the idea of hiring a transgender model. He came under fire for such insensitivity and recently resigned. Now the company announced the hire of their first transgender model. Transgender activist and actress Laverne Cox responded to the announcement with “Wow finally!”

This is not a march to justice and equality. This is a mark of weirdness and ridiculousness in our society. Victoria’s Secret features larger than life posters and banners in their stores and outside the doors of their store in the mall walkways featuring women in their underwear. Now, a man who identifies as a woman will presumably be featured there as well – in his/her lingerie.

A Cure for Ebola

A story not featured on any of the major media home pages and headlines today or any day this week tells how it appears that a cure for Ebola has been found.

If you have been following my backgrounder and explainer on the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, then you already know that the second-largest Ebola outbreak in history is currently unfolding there. But now, new hope has been found in the midst of this crisis.

The new drugs have undergone a clinical trial and demonstrated a 94% effectiveness in recovery from Ebola.

Dr. Jean-Jacques Muyembe the lead doctor of the research team behind the discovery explained, “I have spent four decades of my life thinking how to treat patients with the Ebola virus. So this is the achievement of my life.”