Ep. 153 – Syrian Civil War Part 3: Arab Spring Comes to Syria and Dies

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Part 3 in our podcast series on the history of the Syrian Civil War looks at the issues in Syria that converged with the Arab Spring to bring about the civil war in 2011. It is interesting to note the environmental, economic and social factors that created the perfect storm when the Arab Spring arrived in early 2011.

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For those who question the origins of the Syrian Civil War there is the popular narrative and then the reality. This episode looks at the realities on the ground in Syria in the years before the civil war. This is one of the reasons why the Syrian Civil War is important for us to understand. The issues of economics, food shortages, over population, climate change and poor government all collided with the phenomenon known as the Arab Spring to explode into the tragedy we know today.


Episode 153

Syrian Civil War: Part 3 – Arab Spring Comes to Syria and Dies