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Global Pandemic

The number of coronavirus cases worldwide passed 22 million and more than 790,000 deaths.

South Africa’s government approved a $30 billion stimulus package, the largest in its history. The relief will aid with the coronavirus impact on the nation’s economy.

Sweden recorded its highest death toll in 150 years for the first half of 2020.

France, Germany, and Spain all reported their highest numbers of new cases since the end of their respective lockdowns.

The number of new cases in India jumped nearly 70,000 yesterday – the highest 24-hour rise in the country to date. The current trajectory suggests India will surpass both the US and Brazil in total coronavirus case count soon.

US Pandemic – August 20, 2020, Daily Update

In Miami-Dade County, nearly 600 public school employees tested positive for the coronavirus. Meanwhile, the state of Florida’s total coronavirus deaths rose to more than 10,000 on Wednesday.

In Tennessee, more than 2,000 K-12 students tested positive for the virus in the last two weeks. State officials said they do not plan on releasing the details of where these outbreaks occurred, and they do not plan on suspending classes.

US and China

The US suspended three bilateral treaties with Hong Kong on Wednesday as part of a continuing effort to pressure China over the National Security Law recently enacted in Hong Kong. 

Portland Protests

Wednesday marked the 84th consecutive day and night of protests in Portland, Oregon. On Wednesday night, hundreds of protesters converged upon the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices. After protesters broke windows on the building, police deployed tear gas. Earlier in the day, the police department arrested a man accused of firing gunshots toward protesters on Saturday.

Migrant Deaths

At least 45 migrants died in a shipwreck off the coast of Libya. Meanwhile, Spanish authorities found a boat near the Canary Islands with the bodies of 10 migrants on board.


The European Union officially rejected the results of Belarus’s election results. The EU also signaled sanctions would be forthcoming against individuals involved in the election fraud.


Military leaders of the coup in Mali said they planned to hold new elections.

Russian Politics

A spokeswoman for Alexei Nevalney, outspoken critic to Vladimir Putin, said Nevalney is unconscious and hospitalized. The spokeswoman said it is believed that Nevalney was poisoned.


Islamic extremists attacked a town and military base in Borno State, Nigeria, on Tuesday night. The extremists took hundreds of hostages. Many of those captured by the extremists recently returned from refugee camps after local government officials said their town was now safe.

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