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Hurricane Laura

The term “unsurvivable” is not thrown around a lot when people discuss hurricanes, but it is mentioned frequently in the approach of Hurricane Laura. The hurricane, the second major storm in the gulf in the last four days, made landfall overnight. As it approached the Gulf Coast, Hurricane Laura was a Category 4. Commentators say it is nearing Category 5 status. Residents who lived through previous storms in the area say they believe some places in the path of this hurricane will be unsurvivable.

A massive evacuation effort for the areas in most significant danger to the storm’s approach continued throughout Wednesday. Many fleeing the hurricane did must choose between the risks of the storm and the coronavirus.


Sweden has deployed naval warships, ground troops, and warplanes in the Baltic region as a response to Russian military exercises. The chief of joint operations for the Swedish Armed Forces said there is “extensive military activity in the Baltic Sea, conducted by Russian as well as Western players, on a scale the likes of which have not been seen since the Cold War.”

Global Pandemic – August 27, 2020, Daily Update

Kenya’s president extended a nightly curfew for thirty more days. The purpose of the curfew is to halt the spread of the virus.

The mayor of Madrid, Spain, asked residents in the southern part of the city to stay home to turn back the rising tide of new cases in the country.

In Marseille, the second-largest city in France, the per capita rate of coronavirus infection is now four times the national rate.

New cases in Greece surged in recent weeks, and authorities are scrambling to contain the outbreak. 

US Pandemic

Spokespersons for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the Trump administration pressured the CDC to change its guidelines regarding testing. In yesterday’s Daily Update, we noted the CDC issued new guidelines stating asymptomatic people did not need to get tested.


Flash floods struck northern Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing at least 80 people.


Iranian authorities said the country planned to allow nuclear inspectors from the United Nations into locations previously kept off limits. The decision appears to be an effort to leverage the increasingly isolated position of the US regarding sanctions against Iran.

New Zealand

Cyberattacks knocked New Zealand’s stock exchange offline for two days in a row.

Mediterranean Sea

The European Union is working to pull Greece and Turkey back from the brink of conflict in the Mediterranean Sea.

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