Gunmen stormed a church in Burkina Faso this morning and killed four Christians. This is the fourth Sunday in a row that this pattern has recurred. Christians gather for worship. Militants invade their church and kill. No group immediately takes credit. In the next two days, someone from the government in Burkina Faso will tell us the murders fit the behavior of either ISIS or al Qaeda. Both groups are increasingly active in the region.

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  • The final week of April terrorists struck a church in Burkina Faso killing the pastor and 5 congregants. Later in the same week, five teachers were targeted and killed.
  • May 10, five more teachers killed by terrorists.
  • May 12, six killed in a Catholic church which was then torched by the terrorists
  • May 13, four Catholics killed
  • May 20, 7 killed in Mali near the border of Burkina Faso.

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christians killed in burkina faso

There is a growing terror threat in the Sahel region of Africa. Increasingly Christians are specifically being targeted.


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