These are the big numbers to watch regarding the pandemic this week.

Total confirmed COVID-19 cases globally on Tuesday, April 27, 148,606,066.

COVID-19 deaths globally 3,136,721.

India is the hotspot as mentioned our News from Around the World podcast episode this weekend.

Today India has 17,636,307 confirmed cases and 197,894 deaths. Both of these numbers are based on confirmed cases and presumably much lower than the actual totals. India now holds the record for most new cases in a single 24 hour period. India will likely break that record again this week as the country crashes into the full effect of the pandemic’s second wave.

In the US there are 32,875,045 confirmed cases and 586,611 deaths. It is important to recognize who these numbers are hitting hardest. Recent reports in the Atlantic suggest the coronavirus variants are turning this into a young person’s pandemic. That is not what the numbers show so far. The elderly are far more at risk than any other age group in the pandemic.

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