Ep 229: Ear Candy for the Masses

What has two thumbs and demands a new podcast episode about entertainment and American culture? You do – Most of you do. Well, most of you have two thumbs. No offense intended to our thumb challenged audience members.

After 45 days of relentless news, chaos, tragedy, and outrage in 2020, the three J’s, (JLew, JWebb and JB) are together again to give you a break from it all. In this podcast episode we discuss everything from new Netflix series, the entertainment award show season, and what we have enjoyed – and not enjoyed – in culture an entertainment so far this year. Listen for special cameos from JLew’s (Jessica Lewallen) dogs.  Watch out for JWebb’s (Jonathan Webster) unnecessary stoner impression. And observe JB (JB Shreve) turn into a grumpy old man in the course of a single episode.