Last weekend South Korean K-pop star, Goo Hara, was found dead. Police have ruled the death of suicide. One month earlier another K-pop star, Sulli, also died by suicide. At that time Goo Hara released a live stream video to her fans, tears streaming down her face, and said Sulli would now live in heaven “as she pleases.” She went on to add “I will live twice more diligently now that you are gone. Dear fans, I will be fine. Don’t worry about me.” Six weeks later Goo Hara is also dead by suicide. A handwritten note left by Goo Hara expressed her overwhelming despair according to the police.

youth in despair

Earlier this month in France, 22-year-old Anas K. posted what he expected to be his final Facebook post in the student center at a university in Lyon. “I accuse Macron, Hollande, Sarkozy and the European Union of having killed me by creating uncertainties for the future of all,” he wrote. Moments after posting the statement to Facebook, he set himself on fire.

youth in despair

Two boys were found shot to death in a San Francisco elementary school parking lot Saturday morning. School shootings targeting students at American schools are no longer a surprise. They are part of the day to day reality. Safety drills are even implemented to better prepare for these attacks.

As protests spread across the globe from Chile to France to Iran to Hong Kong to Zimbabwe to Lebanon, to Iraq…the only common denominator linking all these protests together is that the protesters are young people. They are fed up with the lack of opportunity, frustrated with the lack of hope, disenchanted with the persistent levels of corruption among their governments and leaders.

youth in despair

From deaths of despair to the global protests of 2019, there is a major trend unfolding across the planet. We see a generation of youth in despair. This is what we look at in today’s current event’s podcast episode.

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My recent book takes a deep dive into this topic in part 2. I explore the youth population bulge and how these protests among the generation of despair are only going to grow worse. If you have not read it yet, get your copy today by clicking here.

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