The drama unfolding in Gaza at the beginning of this week captured most of the world’s headlines and buried what should have alerted us to a new layer of darkness being displayed through ISIS and their sympathizers in Indonesia.


Indonesia hosts the world’s largest Muslim population and its government has for some time been concerned about some of its citizens’ growing sympathy toward ISIS. What sort of extremist beliefs and ideologies might be brewing?


It turns out a handful of Indonesia’s Muslims have been the first to break a new layer of ISIS depravity. From Sunday and into Monday of this week terrorist attacks struck Indonesia. Terrorism is not unique or new to Indonesia but these were the first attacks carried out by whole families.


The first attack was carried out be a family of five upon Christian churches. A mother and her two daughters (ages 9 and 12) walked into a church with bombs strapped to their bodies and blew themselves up. The father of the family drove a van filled with bombs into a second church after dropping off his wife and daughters for their suicide mission. Meanwhile the family’s two sons (ages 16 and 18) drove motorcycles loaded with bombs into a third church.

family terrorism


The multi-site family suicide attack killed over a dozen people at the churches but the violence was not over.


On Monday morning another family suicide attack took place at a police station in Indonesia. A husband and wife, along with their sons (ages 18 and 14), detonated bombs atop motorcycles as they killed themselves in the suicide terrorism attack. A third child, a daughter age 7, was thrown clear of the explosion and video has surfaced of her stumbling through the aftereffects of the explosions.


Consider the depths of utter darkness in a human heart as a mother or father sends their own child off to a murderous and suicidal death!


This is not warfare or insurgency. This is simply darkness – pure, unadulterated, evil darkness!

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