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  • Global confirmed coronavirus cases – 4,357,791
  • Global coronavirus deaths – 293,226


Lebanon joined the list of South Korea and China who are reimposing some lockdown measures after experiencing a mild resurgence of newly confirmed cases in the country. Germany also stated the country might reimpose lockdowns in certain parts of the country. Iran is opening up many parts of the country, but yesterday announced a renewed lockdown would occur in the southwestern part of the country. Saudi Arabia announced a total lockdown in the country for the end of Ramadan. The nation has nearly 50,000 confirmed cases.

US Pandemic Updates

May 13, 2020, Daily Pandemic Update

In the US, Anthony Fauci testified before Congress yesterday and warned the US could also see a resurgence of cases due to reopening too fast. The stay at home order in Los Angeles is likely to be extended for another three months.

In one of our daily updates last week, we noted a disturbing mystery illness among children in New York linked to the coronavirus. The illness causes inflammation to the organs, similar to Kawasaki disease. Last week there were fifteen suspected cases of this disease in New York City. Today there are 100 cases and three deaths. New Jersey and Connecticut also have cases they are investigating.

May 13, 2020, Daily Pandemic Update

Nebraska is no longer counting coronavirus cases at the state’s meatpacking plants. In the first week of May, there were more than 400 cases in these plants. The governor announced that state health officials would no longer share this information. The companies that own the plants are also withholding the information.

Going Out of Business

A new study suggests 100,000 American small businesses have closed during the pandemic and will not reopen. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics said the price of groceries in the US saw their sharpest rise in half a century led by meat and egg prices.  The UK economy noted its sharpest monthly decline on record in April due to the shutdown.

The CEO of Boeing said Americans should expect at least one major airline to go out of business by September. Steak and Shake announced they are closing 57 locations. J Crew, Peebles and Gordman’s announced they are filing for bankruptcy. JC Penny, Neiman Marcus, and Lloyd &Taylor said they are considering bankruptcy. The pandemic is unleashing havoc on many retailers.

Non-Pandemic Updates

Believe it or not, other things are going on in the world outside this global pandemic. Starting today, we will also highlight some of these events in our daily updates.

Militants attacked a hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday. Today the death toll from that attack rose to 24 people. Twenty-one of the dead were babies. The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack. ISIS has not yet claimed responsibility, but many experts suggest the attack fits with ISIS historical tactics in the area.


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