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  • Global confirmed coronavirus cases – 3,836,601
  • Global coronavirus deaths – 265,366

Russia surged ahead of France and into the top 5 nations with confirmed cases in the last 24 hours. Current confirmed cases in Russia are approaching 200,000, with less than 2,000 deaths. The trend of spikes in new cases but low death rates is the same pattern we saw in other hot spots around the world. The initial spike in confirmed cases has a delay in deaths as carriers of the virus fight for their lives. If the previous pattern holds, then Russia and the global number of deaths by the virus should surge forward in the next seven days. The mayor of Moscow said the accurate count of confirmed cases in the city is likely three times higher than the current report. The discrepancy is once again the result of a lack of tests.

May 7, 2020 Daily Pandemic Update
Top 5 Nations with Coronavirus Outbreaks – May 7, 2020 Daily Pandemic Update


President Trump changed course and announced the coronavirus task force will continue indefinitely.

Researchers say a pattern is emerging that shows the bulk of coronavirus cases in the US seeded from New York and then spread across the country.

A new study in the US found that socioeconomic factors and access to healthcare are more significant factors for predicting COVID-19 infections and deaths than preexisting health issues.

May 7, 2020 Daily Pandemic Update
The top 10 states coronavirus confirmed cases -May 7, 2020 Daily Pandemic Update

As the US reopens, governors are moving faster than the federal guidelines for reopening. Meanwhile, the people are moving more quickly than the governors. In California, people showed up at a newly opened mall in packs and without masks. These patterns suggest the US is moving toward a second wave of new infections as caution fades, and the coronavirus continues to spread.