If you could outlaw an evil like pornography, would that be a good idea? Any reasonable perspective on society, morality, and improving the quality of human life understands pornography to be wrong and a highly corrupting influence. But how do we determine right and wrong for the whole of society? Whose job is it to make and enforce the rules? Where is the balance between government and personal responsibility?  The moral fight against pornography is one that must be fought but how and where should the fight take place?

My guest on today’s podcast episode is Mr. Terry Schilling. He is the executive director of the American Principles Project. an organization dedicated to supporting family values and their expression in politics. He is a frequent commentator on various news outlets like Fox News. Recently he has been featured in various magazines and articles discussing a new conservative “war on porn.”

terry schilling The Moral Fight Against Pornography
Terry Schilling of the American Principles Project joins us on today’s podcast episode to discuss the moral fight against pornography.

Mr. Schilling recently wrote in the magazine First Things First: “In our time, a new conservatism is being born — one less interested in managing our nation’s decline than in using political power to promote virtue, public morality, and the common good. Conservatives need to overcome their fear of governing the nation that elected them.”

Pornography is evil and it corrupts all that it touches, but is it possible for morality to be legislated? These are the questions we look at in today’s podcast episode as we look at The Moral Fight Against Pornography.

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