US Israel

This happened last week, not that we heard too much about it. It was written up in the New York Times, Washington Post and all the big outlets but most of America and the media were focused on Roseanne Barr or President Trump’s summit with Kim Kardashian to discuss prison reform. (That is not a joke! It really happened. Welcome to the USA in 2018.)

This is a recurring event at the United Nations. Israel commits a humanitarian violation against Palestinians and the US is the only nation in the world to back them. This could be stated another way. Because the strongest superpower in the world backs them, Israel has committed another human rights violation against Palestinians. The US-Israeli relationship creates an imbalance in the dynamics to the regional conflict which guarantee there will never be resolution.

The issue is not as black and white as this New York Times piece makes it out to be. The Palestinians have their own parts to play and responsibilities to carry in the ongoing conflict between themselves and Israel. Too often though US policy in the region has directly or indirectly escalated the divide and tensions between the various parties involved.

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