Russian news is propaganda news. It cannot be trusted. It takes real, actual, factual events and then turns the narrative ever so slightly to propagate Russian geopolitical agendas and perspectives.

Why You Should Tune in to Russian News

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The New Eastern Outlook, for example, presents as a legitimate reporting of what is going on in world affairs today. If you pay attention to its retelling of events unfolding in Algeria however you will learn how there is no real unrest or protests taking shape there at all.


Western media outlets and even al Jazeera report unprecedented protests and street marches, largely of a peaceful nature.


According to NEO what is taking place in Algeria is simply a lot of hooligans being prompted and organized by American influencers to unseat the established order in Algeria.



Which one is true? The reality is that neither of these is true. Both accounts of what is taking shape in Algeria are based upon facts that are nearly impossible to separate from our own cultural biases. The west sees democracy taking shape. Russia sees disorder and interference taking shape.


It might come as a surprise then that I recommend tuning in to some of these Russian news sources for a month or so. Add them to your feeds, to your Facebook, to whatever tools you utilize to keep informed of what is taking place in the world. Once you recognize the bias and dissonance in the different ways of reporting the facts, it becomes hard to miss. Instead of being misinformed, a new level of caution will filter the reported facts and news that you learn from.


Here is the really interesting part. This will change the way you read/hear/filter western news sources as well. I don’t mean you will no longer trust the narratives, but you will begin to automatically consider the nature and motivation of the narratives being given to you.


  • Why is NPR reporting so heavily on the events in Venezuela but hardly anything on the uprisings in Sudan?
  • Why is CNN reporting extensively on the anniversary of protests in Gaza but barely any word on the protests in Haiti?
  • Why does the Associated Press tell us about a recent growing concern of human rights abuses in Cameroon but not the recent interest in Cameroon’s cobalt mines needed for the world’s cell phones and laptops?


This recommendation will help in reminding you there is no truth in the media. It may not be sinister, but it is all tilted in one direction or another. That recognition, in turn, helps prevent deception.

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