This inaugural episode of the End of History podcast is a context setter. I more or less layout the concept for what is (as well as what is not) meant by The End of History. You are going to want to start here or this End of History podcast could be confusing at times.


Where to Go from Here:

  • Nearly every podcast I have made since starting the End of History can now be listened to easily at my SoundCloud page here. I have put many of them into convenient playlists so you can track different series.
  • You might also enjoy my different Guides and Explainers that cover many different topics and histories in depth. You can find these here. 

Show Notes:

How to Run the World by Parag Khanna (book is better than the title)

End of History and the Last Man by Francis Fukuyama


the end of history web site and podcast is focused on truth based Christian insight on today’s global issues